Project Structure

WP1  Hydroacoustic and visual habitat mapping (link)

WP2  Benthic diversity and recolonization potential (link)

WP3  Biogeochemistry and ecosystem functioning of nodule fields (link)

WP4  Sediment plume dilution and dispersion (link)

WP5  Communication with stakeholders, policy makers, offshore mining industry (link)

WP6  Data and sample management (link)

Research cruises (link)


Main objectives

  • Spatial (footprint of impact) + temporal scales of abyssal response to anthropogenic disturbances
  • Proof of concept for (rapid assessment) monitoring technology capable of defining the ecosystem status
  • Biodiversity in CCZ, long-range connectivity of species / gene exchange, role of seamounts
  • Comparative ecological, genetic, geochemical, hydrodynamic investigation between different areas in the CCZ + DISCOL
  • Communicate project results to stakeholders, policymakers (ISA:  initiate revision of regulations), industry