MiningImpact - Environmental Impacts and Risks of Deep-Sea Mining




Environmental Impacts and Risks of Deep-Sea Mining

Aug 2018 -  Feb 2022


The second project phase MiningImpact follows up on the results of the JPI Oceans pilot action on "Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining" which ended in late December 2017 (see results here). While the initial MiningImpact phase investigated experimental and rather small-scale disturbances of the seafloor over decadal timescales, the second part will study and monitor in real time the environmental impact of an industrial trial to mine manganese nodules on the seafloor which will be conducted simultaneously and independently by the Belgian contractor DEME-GSR in the Belgian an German licence areas in the Clarion-Clipperton-Zone.  

The project will further study regional connectivity of species in the deep-sea and their resilience to impacts, and the integrated effects on ecosystem functions, such as the benthic food-web and biogeochemical processes.

In this context, key objectives of the project are:

  • To develop and test monitoring concepts and strategies for deep-sea mining operations
  • To develop standardization procedures for monitoring and definitions for indicators of a good environmental status
  • To investigate potential mitigation measures, such as spatial management plans of mining operations and means to facilitate ecosystem recovery
  • To develop sound methodologies to assess the environmental risks and estimate benefits, costs and risks
  • To explore how uncertainties in the knowledge of impacts can be implemented into appropriate regulatory frameworks

The Miningimpact 2018-2022 project is conducted independently of DEME-GSR activities. DEME-GSR is responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions for its operations and does not receive any funding from the MiningImpact project.

The respective environmental impacts assessments by BGR and DEME-GSR are online on the International Seabed Authority's website:

Download: The MiningImpact 2 Proposal

2nd prize in JPI Oceans
Art and Photo Awards

Autun Purser (AWI) wins the 2nd prize of the JPI-Oceans Art and Photo Awards in the JPI-Oceans project category. Congratulations, Autun! Please find the winning entries here.

Stakeholder Event and Final Project Meeting 2022

The final Stakeholder Event and project meeting of the 2nd phase of MiningImpact took place on February 1-2, 2022 (via ZOOM). The presentations are now available on the event page

New expedition videos:
The video interviews with the MiningImpact scientists filmed onboard expedition SO268 (2019) are finally online. Learn more about their work on board here! You can also find new videos showing the disturbed and undisturbed seafloor from expeditions SO239 and SO242 (both 2015).

New download - Cruise Report SO268:
The cruise report of expedition SO268 is now available! The full report is available here.


Please find all updates on the ongoing MANGAN2021 expedition organized by the BGR here in German and English. Follow the ship to the CCZ and find out what's happening onboard!

SO268 Bathymetry data

The moratorium on the SO268 bathymetry data on PANGAEA has ended and the data is now freely accessible. See here for more information!

Stakeholder Information Day 2021

The presentations from the Stakeholder Information Day 2021 are available. See here for more information!

New Download

Mineral Resources of the Deep Sea - Formation, Potential and Risks (brochure)

Key Facts

National Funding through JPI Oceans

Partners: 30

Start Date: 08-2018

End Date: 02-2022

Cruise: SO268 and MANGAN 2021